Should I stay or go?

I've been dating my gf for almost four years. I do love her I have cheated. And I always told her an asked for forgiveness. She did but resently. i Found out she was cheating the whole time with multiple different people even my friends at the time. She says she loves me but I don't know what do you thank?


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  • This mutual cheating is very dangerous to the relationship. I am surprised how it is still going on. Please back off from her. Do some soul searching. Let her contact u on her own. Then, if she is reasonable, have a heart-to-heart talk, forgive each other, make some resolutions on staying loyal, and then take it forward from there. But first you gotta isolate yourself and think. Cheating is a big blunder.

  • I think you should leave. Honestly if you love someone they would be the only one you want to be with (relationship wise and sexually). It sounds like you two really lack trust and its hard to build up again with something as serious as cheating. Its not worth it. Both of you deserve a better relationship. Im sorry


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