Do country boys (race doesn't matter) like biracial girls?

Hi I'm half black and white and i get complimented on my features amd personality, I'm really shy so I know I'm not intimidating, I'm in college and work but only part time, I have a good amount of friends and am very family oriented... Yet I don't feel like guys with similar personalities are attracted to me. I've always been into the "country" type, I prefer a farmer or mechanic over a guy in a suit with a briefcase any day, I love country music, I live a simple life, I like 4-wheeling and mudding and just having a good time... But the guys I've dated are total opposite of that and I don't want to settle anymore. So I'm wondering is it because I live in the city? Because I'm shy? So if there are any guys that fit that description, what do you find attractive of girls? I'm not going to change myself because I'm proud of who I am, I'm just curious as to why I can't find a guy like that... thanks!


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  • I think a black country guy would date you, but most country people who are white have an aversion to racial mixing.


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  • I work with a country black guy and yes he likes black girls. there are country black guys and I do see the appeal, I think a lot of them would make good boyfriends and husbands. if you want a country white boy honey I can't help you. most of them will not date you. they don't care if your biracial because your still not white

    • Thank you! I'm colorblind when it comes to dating, I'm into personality! But where I live everyone, including black guys are into white girls but it's nice to hear I have a chance lol