Going on third date.. what to expect?

I've been talking on and off with this guy we've already gone on 2 dates before which were both to the cinema, nothing really happened we ended the date with a hug. But I could tell on the second date he wanted to kiss me but i was in a rush and just went in for a hug. We've been talking nearly everyday his always flirting with me. Now that I have come back from my holiday he asked me out for a dinner date. Do you think I should kiss him at the end of the date or he expects me to kiss him? I still haven't had my first kiss so i'm quite nervous about it. Also I don't know what else to do for the date. We said we were meeting up at 8pm for dinner what do we do after the dinner do we go our separate ways or you think we should do something after i dunoo :/


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  • If you could tell on the second date that he wanted to kiss you, you could try, on this third date, to kinda work up to the kiss. Flirting, getting close to him, etc. could all be signs that you want to end it on a good thought. Also, it wouldn't hurt at all to go do something else after the date. Spending as much time as you can with your boyfriend/girlfriend is always better than going out, then leaving right after.


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  • If you like him yes kiss. On a 3rd date really I'm looking to get a bit more heavy, like fool around.

    • even if you haven't known the girl that long?

    • Well after the dinner part of the 3rd date I should know her and wether I like her. Plus if fooling around doesn't happen it might make me question wether she likes me enough or if were compatible that way

  • Do not have sex

    • Haha certainly wasn't planning on it

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