What do guys think of keeping your kiss?

What would a guy say if I told him I wanted to keep my kiss until I get married?

What I mean is if I told a guy that I don't want to kiss anyone till I get married.
and by anyone I mean guys I did not mean family...


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  • I know a girl and guy who didn't kiss through out there whole relationship. They are happily married right now. I don't think I could do it. Kissing is special, but I would never kiss someone I didn't care for deeply. It can be done, but it would take a lot of hard work. I think when you're older, it will be different for you.

    • That story is really encouraging! Thank you so much!


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  • kissing is part of a relationship...if you don't have chemistry there, how are you gonna marry them, sex is different, not kissing


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  • I think that if you really want to, you can try, but even if you manage to find a guy who's okay with that (and it will be difficult to find a guy who's okay with that) it will probably cause a lot of tension in the relationship. A better policy would just be to wait until you're in a serious relationship to kiss a guy. People might be a little more understanding about that.

  • I would never do that...I don't see any reason to. I can imagine that a lot of people aren't going to be very understanding of your choice to "keep your kiss." It's your choice though.

    • I just had read about it in the Christy Miller Series and it sounded really cute! and it just seems like it would be more special if you kept it.

  • Wait... huh?

    • Oh. Well in that case, I'd have to point out that a lot of people kiss family, and a lot of guys kiss on the first date, so that would probably be weird.

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    • It'd be really off-putting. I guess it is your decision, but kissing isn't the same as sex, and you'd have to find a guy who's ok with not kissing you for however long you want to date before you get married, which could be years. If there's nothing physical there, there's not going to be a whole lot of chemistry, as that guy up there said.

    • Understood.