Thinking about telling this girl a dream I had about her?

were always bugging each other at work but iam not too sure if she likes me but some how she's found her way into my dreams somehow, well I've been single for maybe 3-4 months, loneliness and such plays a factor. in the dream i just ended up meeting her some where and she was about to run away until i told her to stop and we ended up kissing. just a small peck at first then another one after that... and another one that lasted much longer. that felt better than the previous. thats all we did though.

what would you think if someone told you they dreamt about you? they told in strict confidence. she's real pretty, amazonian type girl. i always wondered what itd be like dating a taller girl. she's a good 4" taller than me id say


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  • tell her but dont include the details like you kissing her etc. thats kinda creepy.


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  • I will tell her, seems flattering! Never know that probably will make her day

  • If she doesn't like you, that may freak her out.

    If you like her, just ask her on a date.

    If you don't like her, what's the point in telling her about the dream?


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