How would you feel if after a date instead of this guy driving you home decided to drop you off on a train station?

How would you feel when a guy whom you have been dating for quite long time... You went on date, unexpectedly traffic got you stucked and He cannot drive you home as He has to return home for a reason... He would normally drive me home, but on that night all of the sudden He said He cannot and even tried to drop off to one of unsafe station... I have ask to drive me home coz I myself is so late to get home. But, He instead drove me to another station, and just dropped me off... He applogized and just drive off. Somehow, I so didn't like How it made me feel. I have expressed How I felt that I was upset and I am not sure If I would still see him again... Am I making a right decision? I was thinking of "safety" under pressure... I was upset and felt like a trash... Thanks.


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  • wow that's fucked up. yeah you are right to tell dude to lose your number. this is a guy that gives 0 fucks about you. if something happened to you between the place he dropped you off at and you getting home he probably wouldn't lose no sleep. if he wanted to drop you off he would have. I bet he wouldn't have parked his car there and left it unattended, bu it was ok for you to drop you off so you had to walk home? wow. what was so important that he had to leave, was another bitch waitng on him? and if he really was in a rush, then why couldn't he have offered to have you ride with him?

    • I was in a little shocked when that happened... A little disbelief... after a while when it sank already... I kind of thought of might others... thats the reason why He gets home late and all... I couldn't care less now... it never happened to me before... So I wanted to know How would other feels, coz really it is traumatizing... Train station is closing in 20mins... I was even on heels, then it was late... and I live 40kms away... just those idea... My safety... Wth! All his words "special".."deeply care"..."keep you safe"... How a man can be so cruel to women at times is really sad.

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  • yea depends on why he had to go home. and that seems sketch and careless. I took a girl to Disney world once, after we landed at chicago ohare, 2 hrs late, she still had hw for college she needed to do, so instead of waiting for the next bus into town, i paid for a cab ($140) back to her car in Indiana so she could get home in time to do her homework and study.

    she drove home and left me to wait for a ride. needless to say I don't talk to her anymore. but there are better options than what he did.

    • Well, you being a man and me as a woman... isn't that the feeling sucks at its worst? I was surprised, knowing that I've been with him for a while... It is sad though, how can one incident ruin everything especially when you get stucked and unsure of safety while this "dudue" who cares me deeply just drove off... It is embarrassing to share to my friends what happened actually...

  • It all depends on why he had to get home.

    • Thanks. I feel so dumb... Well, he said He has been coming home lately and its been a problem for the moment... mmm.. what the heck... Anyhow, the way He dropped me off was something I couldn't imagine that would happen to me. It is in fact traumatizing... But I guess the traffic helped me discover the reality of who He is... It is sadly happened to me. So that is why I wanted to know How would others feel as well, even though I should admit I had fallen for him... I just admitted to him this week... Well, it feels easy to walk away when someone is treating you this way... He is NOT being a gentleman at all!

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  • Well first talk to him, ask him what was the reason for that behaviour. It could've been something serious that he had to attend to.

    • He said He needed to get home... Coz He has been going home late... I was like WTH... I dont remember going out so late with him all the time... I guess my mind just got so screwed up... and I was frustrated... and he knows i am upset... He thinks of himself... So, all his words of me " being special"..."deeply care"... is like wow... If being doubt on a man in any pressured situation, you will see the answer.. reality... and that is what I witnessed!.. Now, I am feeling so dumb and stupid. But I guess I sent him an email making he realize what He had done was totally wrong...

  • I wouldn't date him anymore and I would think that he did a big mistake. I don't know what he could do that could make me forgive him about this. Especially if I didn't say "ok leave me here, don't worry". And especially if I didn't feel safe in that street.

    • Yes, I didn't say okay. It feels like a movie, "Sorry, you to get off here"... Well, I had no choice but to get off knowing that the station is closing in 20mins... I can't imagine myself How to get home... Except for taking a cab... and I live 40kms away from the station where He drops me off...

    • Yep, He is not worth my time. Too bad I had to go through this to realize he js not worth and He is a real asss!