First dates? Help!!! Guys/girls answer please?

Im finally going out on a date since last year. Yaaay!
Its like I've forgotten what to do, i just wanna know what i should or shouldn't say? How do i act? Like what do guys look for when they meet a girl for first time? Should i dress casual or make effort?


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  • Yay for you! Congrats! This is exciting :D anyways, just be yourself and you'll be able to expect a good result. Because, who wouldn't love a person who is themselves? so as far as how you should act, there's the answer for that. You don't have to act a certain way, you either will have a connection, or you won't, simple as that! And as far as dressing goes, where are you guys going out? A nice restaurant, or movie? Make an effort to look as good as possible, but depending on where you are going not sure whether casual or not. Good luck darling! Have fun!!

    • Thanks :) I've sorted out my outfit for my date. Im sp giddy, feel like a teenager again.


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  • Be warm, smiley - ask him about himself, his family, his likes, etc. Be into him. Dress appropriate for the activity.

  • Just be yourself. He probably asked you out because he likes who you are. Don't worry he is probably just glad you said yes. You want him to like you! Remember he will probably be nervous. Be the person he knows you are and he will feel more comfortable. You got this!!


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