He is being shady and I don't know what to do?

I've been seeing this guy and after some dates i found a note he didn't throw away in his car from a girl so he saw i was looking at it and he threw it out the window... then i felt weird the whole entire night so i just made him drop me off home, after he didn't text me at all until i was like so are you not going to talk to me and he kept saying he will and now i went on his best friend list on snapchat and my name is off and now its some new girl... i am waiting for him to text me because he said we were going to have a "good" conversation when he comes home from work and still nothing, i even texted him 2 times after and nothing, should i just say fuck it?


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  • Jep just say fuck it, if he doesn't feel the need to talk to you why should you feel the need to talk to him.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't call or text him. Let him come to you. Id be pissed about the new bitch on his list. Altho, I wouldn't let him know that just yet. Just be nice (as best you can) and see if he comes to you. If he doesn't, then let him see that you're moving on and talking to someone new if at all possible (like you think he may be doing).