Do you believe that looks are nothing and just the person?

i see a lot of people say this but dont really follow it


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  • I use to follow that belief and that was why my life sucked, I always seem to get the short end of the stick passed over for things till I had enough.

    After graduating from high school, I wanted to see how much a difference being better looking was (dressing nicer, new hair style, working out, and shoes). I'm in my junior year, and the results were shocking. I was treated with a lot of respect something that has never happened to me at school, restaurants, and even work places. Girls would be turning their heads for you, more open to talk to you, and new friends just seem to come to you. When you speak people actually listened.

    Yet, what was the most funniest thing was when my old classmates from high school started actually trying to talk to you and give you compliments of how you look way better then in high school. Here's a prime example of how people would treat you just because of how you look.

    I even gone to the point to research why people are treated a lot differently with the way they look. Many articles go in depth about how being good looking helps you passively throughout life and can make or break your success. Movie stars and famous celebrity look amazing for a reason. Good looks mean sucess, which is depicted in the media.

    a lot of people don't practice what they preach. Also, it's frowned upon to say something like looks matter over personality. It's has always been looks first and personality second even when we make choices like the type of water we drink, water is almost the same it's just the bottle that makes it appeling.


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  • I don't believe it. Girls have developed a code for it, in fact. When a girl says a guy is 'nice' or 'sweet', they mean they find him unattractive. This is where the "all the girls go for jerks" thing comes from: jerks are cute!


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  • They say it but its so not true. The main reason why someone catches out eye for the first time is because of their appearance.

  • No looks court im sure but they dont mean anything if the person just shitty pd. then to me they aren't attractive even tho they have really great looks. But that just me.