Dating Advice for adults that live at home with family. I need it Please help?

I am 28 years old and I live with my family. I have never moved out, I went to college but never graduated but I do want to try again. I just need money and a car. I work at a grocery store and I would like to get married and have kids. My family wants the guy to court me but I am telling them men don't do that, unless your are going to marry the man. I want to please them sense I live with them, and they are Christian or trying to be. I am a Christian also, so thats why I am trying to do the right thing. I have been in trouble with men before, so I want to do something right. Would a man court me or do I need to date them first? How do I tell my family that there version of dating won't help me at all?


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  • I see no reason why you couldn't pursue someone if you found a guy you really like and wanted to marry. I know from my own experiences I would love to find someone who would do the asking but I am also extremely shy so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    • I am shy also but I am also tooo... nice to guys and I met the wrong guy and I ended up living with family and because of that mistake, my family doesn't trust me. Thats why I want to try a different why of dating someone. I also need to stop being lazy and do stuff to move out of the house.

    • It sounds like both our situations are similar. The best advice I can give is to just get back out into the dating world as best you can, maybe take things slow get to know the guy really well before getting into anything where you would be living with someone. I've been hurt a bunch of times but I'm still hoping to one day have a family of my own


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  • Unlike a man, you're value is not based upon your financial success, but more so upon your looks. I would suggest you date first. What version of dating have they offered you?

    • They want to meet the guy first before we start dating to see if he's an asshole or not.

  • Since you are a woman this won't be a deal. breaker for the majority of guys.


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