Not sure we were just starting out as friends w/ benefits, then it seemed like he may want more, now he's not texting me as much or not replying?

we both were just looking for a fwb, I'm no different than any other woman, so yes I hoped it would turn into something more, but I know my place & didn't hint at anything meaning no lovey dovey flirting or pressuring him to decide if he wants more let alone bring it up, & I don't bug him for missing 1 or 2 days of texting. we use to text each other practically everyday him missing 1 day here and there or forgetting to text me back after work. We've only managed to get together 2 times in the first month because I was starting school, now its been 2 months since we last had sex, he works & sometimes on call even on days off or has to work a double, I go to school fulltime & only have fri. through sun. off which he always works those days. a few weeks ago he told me he misses me & did this on his own terms meaning I didn't say nothing to him like that til after he said it, since then tho he hasn't been texting me as much maybe he realized he was starting to feel more & got scared but idk, I haven't bugged him about it cuz I know that kinda thing ticks/scares guys off, but now he hasn't texted me in 3 days and I texted him a short "hello" an apology for not texting in last 3 days cuz of exams & much later a goodnite w/ a face pic. No response, he even sent me a pic of his schedule past Saturday out of the blue said to show me his hours are messed up, he has today off tho so now I'm starting to think he may have moved on w/ some other woman that could be available to his schedule. :/ I like him cuz he's not bothered by the fact I'm in a wheelchair, & when we were getting together he'd always treat me w/ respect & passion & attention. I don't know what to think & try not to cuz my biggest flaws are over-doing, over-thinking/analyzing, & over-worrying. I could just use some advice, should I just wait to see if he texts me next day? should I confront him? I don't know


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  • You got what you asked for, so don't suddenly expect him to care about your feelings. Just wave goodbye.


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  • I'm here for the lola lol