Would it be creepy to show up there?

Last night I was texting the guy I like and I asked what he was up to. He told me he was at this bar (giving me the name and location) of it, and I said that I've never been there.. Or heard of it. He told me it's his usual hang out.

Would it be creepy or weird if I showed up there one weekend, probably with a couple of my friends?


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  • If I was the guy I'd find it a little bit weird - it's his favourite hang out, it's his space. If I were you I'd ask him to take you there and show you around the place.


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  • Well I am too about to be 18, not a heck of a deal , girlie make it special as you want its your life. once you have sex then you will need it more so better do not start soon.

  • No just show up and if he asks say he gave you the idea to check it out. But be aloof don't stalk the guy lol :)


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