Why would he tell me I could cheat on him one time n he would forgive me?

Last night my bf was pretty drunk. I asked if he had ever cheated on me as I have feelings he has but he says he never has and never will. He was cheated on by his ex which is why he broke up with her. So he knows how it feels. He said no he has never cheated on me. But them he said if I cheated on him he would give me one chance to do so and he would forgive me because he loves me. I then asked again if it was because he chested on me. Which I was wondering why he would say it be OK for me to cheat once. He then again said no he has never. And a few minutes later I asked why he said it and then he denies saying thay he told me that. He was drinking whiskey so he was pretty messed up. Why would he say this? Then say he didn't say it? Could he of maybe chested on me is why he said it or what?


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  • He said he would forgive you if you cheated on him because he loves you, and it's probably true. but he said it because he was drunk and couldn't control himself. Now he's afraid you might get advantage of him and cheat him because you know he'll forgive you, and it's kind of embarassing for him to say that. You might think he's too depended on you or too clingy or too weak. I don't think he cheated on you.


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  • Sounds like he thinks you were cheating so he was giving you a "free pass" to confess without the consequence of him breaking up with you.

  • Sounds like he was trying to catch ya out and get you to confess if you have

  • Sounds like he cheated on you once.


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