She said she wants to take it slow because she doesn't know me that well, I told her I don't have much time but what I do have is hers if she wants?

... to get to know each other better.

Should I not have said this?

She says she really likes me and she likes what she knows about me, but she wants to get to know me better. She says she wants to take it slow and she doesn't want it to be serious... ?


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  • Why don't you have much time?

    • I have work that fills almost every hours of every day, i only have time for about 5 hours sleep a night. But i can and will make time for her if she wants to see me

    • Ahhh I understand! I thought you meant you didn't have much time to be there that you were moving away or whatever :) Anyway in that case just go with the flow. Since you won't see her for very long, it will take longer to get to know each other anyway. Don't just try to jump right into her pants.

    • Yeah see the thing is I only have about 9 months till she moves away as well