BF said this? Means I'm the one?

basically, I'd be a fool to not fall in love with you and dream you could be mine forever.


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  • More details please! Does he always say these things or this is one of those rare moments. He is trying to make you feel special and trust me, getting guys to say something romantic without it being too cheesy or corny, is a miracle. They either say it when they are making up after a fight, when you are extremely pissed and on your period, or when they just feel like telling you how they feel about you which is love (rare)

    • Well we kinda broke up so I guess it's his way of sweet talking back in the relationship?

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    • He kinda did out of anger/ jealousy then apologized right after but I didn't go back to him. It's been 2 months since we've seen each other

    • I think he wants you back, and can't get you out of his head


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  • he is just super into you.

  • It really depends. If he says things like that a lot, then he sounds like a player, that just knows what to say to get a girl worked up. If he doesn't say things like that often, then he is more likely speaking from the heart.


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  • Not to be a Debby Downer, but while you could end up being the one, you never know. It just means at the moment he feels like your relationship is good and that you could possibly be the one.