Has he already lost interest in me?

Started seeing a new guy a few weeks ago, and we totally hit it off right away. The chemistry was amazing, we talked every single day, and we even agreed to start a relationship. Then, it was almost like night and day, he stopped messaging me one day, and now I hardly hear from him through out the day. Then when I went to see him today, it was only a brief meet up, but it didn't feel like it used to. He didn't seem as, enthusiastic.
haha, maybe I'm reading into this too much.


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  • Have you tried messaging him first? Sometimes we're busy and taking the time out of your day to send us a message means a lot! When he takes a couple days off and you don't send anything, he may be getting signals that you yourself are not interested in him, and in some cases that is a turn-off! When we feel that you're not interested, it subconsciously makes us less enthusiastic interacting with you (happens for both guys and girls).

    From Social Psych 2C03, pretty interesting stuff actually!


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  • You could have overwhelmed him. It sounds like infatuation. I would say start detaching too and if he doesn't do anything then he's all talk. Keep your chin up.

  • yes, great question: did you sleep with him?

  • Do you already have sex?

    • no, we want to wait a while.

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