Why did tove lo kiss so many girls in her habits (stay high) music video?

Why did she make out with so many girls? When I first saw it, it kinda was weird. I thought it was just gonna be a video about her getting over a guy, but then I saw the kisses. Not that seeing 2 girls make out bothers me, because it doesn't. Just wondering why so many? And the zoom in on the lips and tongue was a little disturbing to me. Did she give an explanation on why she kissed them so many times?


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  • Oh wow I never seen the video. I loved the song tho.


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  • In the video I saw she only kisses two girls most of the time she is making out with who appears to be her boyfriend. And the reason is probably because she was wasted from all the booze she was drinking the rest of the video. Just a guess.