How should I do this?

Recently I've noticed my co-worker has been flirting heavily with me and touching my hips and getting behind me more (to get clothes from the fitting room bar) he even asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him to see the Zane movie 'Addicted' then to a bar near our job.

But the problem is I have a boyfriend, but he's been distancing himself from me lately. We've been dating for 4 months and things haven't been great lately (started mid September), I thought I loved him but he's been pushing the idea that I should have sex with a 4 of his friends. I said I'll think about (I'm not going to do it), and we left it at that. Now he barely responds to my texts barley answers my calls, and when he does it's hours later and he doesn't say I love you back like he used to do.

I told my co-worker no because I have a boyfriend, but I really wanted to go. What should I do?


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  • Go with the co-worker :) but end things with your boyfriend (its for the best by what you are saying... he doesn't respect you/love you enough due to him asking you to sleep with his friends as if you were an object)


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  • You only have a boyfriend as long as you say you have one. Go for it, and tell your boyfriend you're officially single now.

  • close your current boyfriend page first then move things up with your co-worker


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