Junior guy likes freshman girl?

I'm a junior guy, and a lot of freshman girls have crushes on me. I kinda like one of them back though. She's flirty with me too. But one of her friends, is one of the freshman girls that like me, and her friend is intending to ask me to homecoming. So I'm not sure how to approach this. First, I will get dogged on by my friends. Second, what would the girl I like do, if she knew her friend liked me?


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  • If you really like this girl then I would say to go for it despite what your friends might say, your peers really shouldn't have any bearing on who you're in a relationship with anyway. I think it would simply be best to let the girl's friend down easy, explaining that you aren't interested in her. Granted, this could get a little strange when she realizes that you intend to be in a relationship with her friend (the girl you like) and not her since you may be in contact with her around school and it may drive a wedge between the two of them. But ultimately that wedge would be the fault of the girl's friend, it's not your fault or the fault of the girl your interested in that you aren't interesting in the homecoming girl.


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  • Go for the one you like not the one that likes you


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  • If you like her, what does it matter what your friends think?
    It's a two year age difference, not that much. How far apart are your parents, your grandparents, etc?

    Just get to know both of them. Homecoming isn't really a huge deal (well, it might be to her, I don't know) - my recommendation is to save your chances with both of them by making it known that you're not going, or if you are definitely going, that you're just going with friends or something. If you let something like that push your schedule, you're ruining your chances with both. If you choose on what might as well be a coin flip, it'll go badly.

    As for what will happen between them... Depends, really, on their personalities, and what kind of social group they're in. Might respect eachother and laugh about it, but it's more likely that it'll damage their friendship - at least temporarily - if you take it too quickly. Ignoring eachother, trash talking behind eachothers' backs, etc.