Has anyone ever been dating, but not in a relationship, with another person that you stayed completely faithful for?

Was it worth waiting around for this person? If the feelings were mutual. Or did it not work out at all. I know there are people who are in the "talking" stage, but then get more serious, but are still not together, together. They will do relationship things, but the one person is waiting for the other to be ready.


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  • Well its somewhat similar to my situation. We hang out a lot together and with friends , we call eachother or chat everyday and its a bit more than friendship (no sexual meaning here). Yet, we haven't been any further. I think its worth it to wait a while, even if you don't know if its mutual feelings. It also helps understanding their situation about what is holding them back. You can ask that person about that.


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  • Yeah normally it ends the relationship pretty quick 1 person always wants or needs a label. My last time through those woods it was me who didn't want the label. We had issues I wanted to work out before we made it final and she freaked out instead of talking. Im probably better off lol

  • So... essentially what you're saying is "the guy I like and am currently dating hasn't put a label on our relationship yet. should I start dating and talking to other guys too or wait for him to label us?"

    If you are dating someone and you still have the desire to be with other people over them, you should stop dating them


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