Have you ever not been able to see your significant other?

Girlfriends parents won't let us see each other she is 17. I miss her so much. It's like a void. Can't stop thinking. Really painful. We're waiting for each other though. Hate being the man and not being able to see her when she needs me. Have you gone through anything similar?


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  • Yes. Its the worst feeling u can ever hv. But it was different because his parents didn't want him with me anymore because it was more like a long distance relationship for a while and they hated that. So they made him break up with me. We are now back together but it was a horrible feeling

  • Yes! A few years ago when I was 16 as well! My boyfriend at the time was 19! So my dad wouldn't let me see him at all! It was really painful:/ but we got to see each eventually! Just hang in there! Don't give up! Their must be some way you guys could see each other?


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