How long should a date with a guy I don't really like be?

Hey, guys! How long should a date with a guy I don't really like be? I mean, he is a nice guy, I like him, but I don't LIKE him. And I don't want to offend him.


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  • in my opinion you shouldn't go on a date at all with him then, if he really likes you and you don't like him, it lead him to believe there's something there when there's not, and talking from experience, it really hurts when that happens. Or, you could make it clear to him that you don't mind going and having lunch with him, but lunch is all it would be, it wouldn't be anything deeper than that.

    • I know it hurts! But it will be the first date, we've met only once. And I'm not sure he really likes me, may be we'll both realise that we'll stay friends, or may be I'll feel smth during the date. But the invitation was out of the blue, I'm not sure i will like him that much, so I need some space for a maneuver.

    • Hmm well, I guess going on just a date wouldn't be harmful.. afterall, that's when you get the most interaction with the person.. Not saying you would lead him on, but at the same time you have to be very mindful of his actions, look for different queues. You'll know if he really likes you, and if you don't like him, then in my opinion after the first date it would be best not to go on another. I wouldn't sweat it though, if you don't like him or he doesn't like you, blame can't be placed on either person. You can't help the way you feel about someone.


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  • If you don't feel a romantic connection after 1 date it is a perfectly reasonable time to end it. however you haven't said how long you have been dating him, if it has not been very long you should break it off, however if you've been seeing him for a long time you should try to work out what caused you to lose interest.

    • It will be the first date. The guy is nice but not my type at all. May be it will be great and I'll realise I like him, but if I don't I'd prefer to avid awkward silence and stuff like this.

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    • I will, but we are very different, and if it doesn't work out, how long should I stay? It is the question of politeness. If he was a freak, I wouldn't ask and would just stand up and leave any time, but he is nice and I want to make sure it doesn't seem like I'm fleeing. An hour? 2?

    • he's going to be sad no matter when you leave, but I suppose about 2 hours would be the longest I would expect you to stay if you aren't connecting

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  • 30 minutes :) no more and no less.

  • If you really don't feel anything, one or two dates, no more