My ex boyfriends best friend likes me?

My ex and I had been togetger for about a year. I thought everything was going great. We hung out often and even babysat for a job with each other. Every time I was with him we were both so happy.

One day out of the blue he texts me and tells me that he is breaking up with me. I was pretty crushed but I eventually got over it. Its been about three months since we broke up. Now he has a new girlfriend but still seems to be attached to me.

Anyways his best friend who I knew before I even met my ex has recently shown a lot of intrest towards me. He has asked me out twice and due to the fact that I respect my ex I haven't said yes to him.

My question is does it make me a bad person to date my ex's best friend?


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  • when you say "dating" im assuming you are talking about "just dating", since my understanding of dating and hooking up are totally different. not gonna lie, dating your ex bf's best friend has many potential consequences... especially when you hook up with him. it's gonna be awkward for all 3 of you even if your ex bf has no "feelings" for you anymore. the question of whether or not you should date that new guy depends on how much do you like that guy and willing to give him a chance. remember that it's two way street. so normally, i'd say it's not a good idea... but hey if you wanna just get physical... go for it *this part is meant for people who are above age of consent*. lol. that is a serious breach of bro code tho... wonder why he didn't ask you out first before your ex since you claimed that you knew him waaaaaay before. probably wussed out.


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  • bad person? LOL is this a joke?


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  • Tell him "Isnt it a bit weird sinse you are my ex boyfriend's friend?" see what he has to say about it first. I mean you you did know him first any way and you passed him over for your ex who could probably not really care sinse he is already in a relationship with someone else. If the friend really makes things complicated after you ask him, then just totally drop the idea all together and forget him

  • I wouldn't do it. Too much potential for weirdness and messiness. Also, some guys do weird things in this situation like compare notes. It's code with me and my friends that we never date each other's exes. I've also heard that guys look down on girls who date within their friend circles. "Bro Code," is what it's called. You don't date your friend's exes.

    Especially his best friend, seems like you'd be playing with fire and could likely get burned.

    • Also, I wouldn't trust a guy who pursued me if he was my Ex's friend... He wouldn't seem like a loyal friend.

    • Thats exactly how I feel

    • Trust your intuition and tell dude to back off. There are too many guys out there who are in no way connected to your ex.