Asking a guy out to happy hour or for drinks - bad move?

This guy made all the first moves in the beginning but now he's making me make all of them. When I do reach out, he's all for it but he' s just not making any moves himself.

We've only hung out at my place, so I was thinking of asking him to happy hour or for drinks or something. Bad move? Should I wait/see if he makes any moves?

He's really unexperienced in dating and has told me he doesn't really know how it goes so I've thus far been okay with it.


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  • I think it's good! Have some drinks, loosen up, have some laughs, and see what happens.


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  • I don't see how it could be a bad move. Unless he recently got over a drinking problem!
    Gets you and him in the same room and it's a relaxing place.

  • This should be your cue to take the lead, you might even like it.


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