Am I an idiot for asking her out? Girls, please help!

So there is this girl I see one week a year, she lives on an island off the coast of France and to get to her island you have to go through an expensive ferry ride for 5 hours. We are brought together when an organization we both belong to has a group activity once a year. When we said goodbye the last time, (second time I met her) I asked her out for lunch next time and she said "Ask me then ok?" I know I am not her type, I really really like her, I made what was in my mind a bad impression first time i met her but everything seemed ok last time. One of my friends told her I liked her and after that our conversations would go something like this:
(Me): Sleep well last night?
(Her): I slept alright, but it would have been better if you were there.
Once she cornered me and was flirting a bit, I ended the convo really fast.
I know that she does NOT have a crush on me, she liked this other guy. What was she thinking when I asked her? She is very opinionated. Was it stupid of me to ask her out? I think she has a BF.
Thank you!


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  • It wasn't stupid, the worst thing you can get is a no. Also she has a boyfriend, let her be.


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  • once a year? not worth it...

    • It is to me. :)

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    • just trust me she likes you

    • Thanks! I see what you are saying, I am not like a crush or anything to her, she just likes me. I do this all the time with girls. There are ones you have a crush on and ones you really like. Thank you!

  • The worst that can happen is she turns you down but you'll never know if you really have a shot if you don't try.


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  • Well apparently she likes you too! And maybe she appreciates the fact you asked her out, and her crush hasn't Plus, you say you think she has a boyfriend, but you're not sure. Sounds like you're doing fine to me so far!

  • It wasn't stupid. But if she says no, it's not the end of the world either.

    You don't ask, you don't get. So always ask.