Should I date this girl I don't like or find attractive? I've always been single and I am already 20 so I am lonely?

In don't like his girl and she has liked me for a year and made it known but i chased a few girls for a long time in my past. I chased the same girl for 5 years from 8th grade to senior year. I chased the same girl my whole first year of college and I am giving up. I know how she feels and I have been in her shoes and I hate doing this to her.


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  • Don't date her to try and fulfilling your own personal loneliness that's just selfish to the fullest extent. Don't give that girl false hope by dating her. If you know how it feels then you should never want to make another person feel that way especially for your own selfish reasons.

    • I guess its like a girl is chasing me and I never had that happen. I don't know I'm a pretty lonely person despite being well knkwnnom campus.

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    • So that just makes it okay to hurt girls? Oh its college no big deal!! That's why you obviously shouldn't have a relationship!!! If that's how you feel about it just go fuck the school slut!

    • That totally came out wrong lol you asked about drinking and partying everyday I didn't mention anything about that girl and I didn't hurt her besides the fact I've rejected her a few times.


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  • Then you'd be dating her because u felt sorry for her and do you think she'd like that? There is no point in dating her when u don't feel the same about her. You can tell her that you'd like to be friends but not more than that because you don't feel the same about her. Because its better for her to find someone else.

    • She lived in my dormnlast year and awlaysntalked to me and I rejected her so many times and me on chasing me and I'm like maybe I should actually try to talk to girl that like me back lol. Chase lime I said I chased a girl for 5 years and i know how much it sucks.

    • well yeah be friends with her and you never know, you might starting gaining feelings for her

  • Yes if you think she has a good personality that you can live with then go ahead and date her.

  • Never date someone because you are lonely, first of all, that's selfish and second you will end up hurting an innocent.


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  • No, unless u have some sort if attraction or feelings for her.. No.. U'll just break her heart..

    However if ure willing to give her a chance with an open mind.. Wanting to find and search something within her u will become attracted to then yes.. Everyone deserves a chance..

    However if ure just horny or lonely and want to use her to ease that.. That's quite wrong.. Unless she knows and is ok with it..

    At the end its ur choice.. Temptations are hard to overcome.. and I admit I've done women wrong a few times in my past but I've learned from them..

    Now I live with that saying "its what we do that defines us" so I am more cautious about my actions and temptations

    • I just am so lonely and I chased people and I don't know I want to give her a chance cause she appreciates me.