Girls what's going on?

I've been talking to to this girl for a couple of months already. Sex is great, every time we see eachother we get very physical and have lot of fun together, but then after we see eachother there is minimal contact from her after all. I know girls love chasing and I don't chase at all. It's really confusing to know that in person she's really into me we do everything a couple does. The only problem is that it seems that I always need to start the contact after our encounters which sucks because as I said I don't chase at all, so I need to contsct her in order to set up a date. She contacts me every once in a while but not enough in order to have a communication which could eventually lead to something in the future. I know I'm the only guys she's talking to, I don't really understand what's going on? Physically everything is there, but then there is no follow through at all, we are probably just f*ck buddies but still would like to find out why a girl would behave like that, in person she can't keep her hands off me but when we are not together there is not contact initation from her.


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  • Your either a booty call or maybe she wants to give your your space?

  • Your just a booty call


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