Men how would you react to this situation?

So you see a girl walking towards you

She is exactly your type

Not only is she pretty but she looks welcoming and you see her walking towards you

She is dressed up really nice

You are at the park or at a cafe sitting on the patio enjoying some tea or coffee

She smiles and she is friendly

Maybe she sits at the table next to you at the cafe or the park bench

Maybe she says hi

Then suddenly, she let's a big one rip from her butt

It's loud and it's a fart

What do you do?


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  • Ignore it. She's probably embarrassed beyond belief so drawing attention to it or acting offended is just going to make her feel worse.


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  • I would not care if she let a big and loud one rip from her ass. I also would not care if it smelt like rotten fish or anything either. It is the girl that is important, I would not want to loose my chance with the girl just over a fart. Farts happen. It is natural and I am not going to judge or think less of a girl for farting when really all she is doing is using her ass how it actually is designed to be used in the first place, to fart the instant she needs to. It would not put me off her one bit. In fact I would rather she just farted if she needed to because holding pee, farts and poop in is bad for your insides and can lead to you needing major operations to save your life. I also would not want the girl to get a sore, bloated and sick tummy from holding it in and would want her to feel that feeling of relief you get in your tummy after letting letting rip. So a girl farting from the first moment I see her is fine. Let it out ladies I say and do yourself a favour.

  • I'd find it awkward, even if I didn't know the girl. I wouldn't laugh (out loud) but I'd pitty the girl. If you're talking about approaching a girl after this happens, then I'd say that it decreases the likeliness of it happening.

  • Point and laugh. Say something like "hahahahah holy shit!!"

  • I would bust out laughing n if anyone noticed I would take the blame n then comfort her that what she did is normal but tell her to warn a guy next time 😂😊


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