Really long story, please help, sensible answers?

I have been with my boyfriend for over 11 months, November is 1 year. I love him so much and have been through a lot with him. The problem is I went to a service trip to the jungle with my school, there were a group of other volunteers (students) and lasted about a week, since it was in the jungle we had no communication whatsoever with the city, there was no signal and cellphones didn't work. I met this guy who became comfortable with me and we just talked for the first 2-3 days. I then noticed he wanted to be with me a lot. He made me company wherever I went, we even walked alone (just both of us) lots of times, talking. He told me I was pretty and then it all started getting physical. He slightly touched my back to lead my way, touched my shoulders all of a sudden and even touched my waist slightly. He put his sleeping bag next to mine and at night, we would stay talking about our lives and basically anything (he proposed that to me). He would go to my side and put his head touching my shoukder and stay there. He would then tell me to go to his side and told me there was no problem if I fell asleep on his shoulder, he would then say, here, hold my arm and put my arm into his. He once grabbed my hand to touch his six pack. In the plane (back to my city) he sat beside me and I told him I was afraid of planes. He put an arm around me and held my hands with the other. At one point he grabbed me by the waist and held me like that but then switched to on top of shoulders. He then grabbed by hands again between his. I have many problems. First, I think I have a crush on him, as he is also really handsome, he has curls and green eyes (I love boys with curls and green is my favorite colour, I feel envy of people with green eyes they are beautiful). He also has a girlfriend (7 months with her). Third and last problem, I dont know if he has a crush on me or is simply a really good friend. I will not break up with my boyfriend if im unsure of things. What should I do? thanks

I will not break up with my boyfriend not because I want to have one, but because I still love him and would give my life for him, we have plans for the future and he also has thought lots of girls were pretty, he even hugs his girl friends
also, the physical contact I had with this guy was not sexual whatsoever, and much more since it was a school trip and there were teachers, it was friendly contact and thats why im doubting if he was into me or not


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  • He was obviously into you, that was a lot of physical contact ques. Also people tend to have the 'grass is always greener on the other side outlook' I don't know how much you can get to know someone in a week. It's like a little escape from reality romance. It's wrong that so much flirting went on and you both have partners. And it's selfish to say you won't break up with your bf if your not sure. Either take the leap of faith or don't. But I don't think your current boyfriend should be your constelliaton prize.


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  • as a guy let me just say that he definitely likes you. but its up to you. you are the only person who can tell us and them how you feel. best of luck


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  • You should break up with your boyfriend anyway, he deserves more than someone who'd basically have a holiday fling. (Also, emotionally, your thoughts are with this guy, I pity your boyfriend.)