Guys! How does it feel to be in a relationship?

A friend of mine overheard that I haven't dated anyone ever and he is married and happy with kid. I know he loves his family. He's a good guy but he stated "you're not missing out on much".

So how does it feel? How is it?


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  • like dragging a 1 ton anvil every where you go!

    lol. just kidding, i think it feels great if you are with the person you love. but i still wouldn't give up being single


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  • It feels great to be loved by someone who really cares about you but I feel in the long run, it's too stressful and who knows how many disagreements/problems will come up to haunt you later. Almost feels better to be single when your freedom is limitless :3

  • 31 I have prepared for my life I've never had a sweetheart this so I do not know of my ugly

    • I don't think you are physically but are you a good person?

    • the halo effect due to the favor from cloak to go unnoticed when the ugly

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  • Do you mean guy guys or girl and guy guys?

    • Both can answer

    • Well personally I like being with someone. Being single rocks too! But right now I like being in a relationship. It's nice to just know that someone really cares about you.

    • Ohh I see your point; it does sound great but then when problems arise I see couples arguing left and right. But everything has its ups and downs