How to ask a girl if we are friends or more than friends (aka does she like me in that way)?

I've been friends with this girl for a while, she seems to like me, I like her, but im not sure if she likes me as a friend or more than that, how do I find out? Do I ask her directly or would that ruin our friendship and make it weird between us? I wouldn't mind dating her but wouldn't mind being friends either. I am kept awake at night thinking about this.


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  • have a conversation with her of any sort and during a high point into a conversation ( like when she's laughing engaging in the conversation and such) just say hey ( her name ) what are we? then she will tell you and if she says well what do you want us to be or something like that DO NOT LIE


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  • if you are really friends it shouldn't be a problem to just ask her

  • Ask her to dinner


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  • Ask her out on a date.

    • Agreed, make it super casual, like.. oh blah blah movie just opened. Or oh this new restaurant just open wanna go? No harm done, if she reject.. be cool and move on!

    • So just ask her "Hey lets go on a date?" Or should I say I like her first. I've never dated before so im new to all this.

    • Don't tell her you like her right off the bat like that.

      Just ask her if she wants to go out sometime, she'll know what you mean.