GUYS/GIRLS: do guys not like a girl like me?

I've been looking forward to talking to this guy I like but he doesn't seem anymore. He called me out in class once but got the answer wrong then looked at me as I darted my eyes away.

Do guys want someone forward and out there because I'm nothing like that. Am I ugly and that's why guys don't approach or seem interested in me? I don't know what it is! PLEASE HELP :)

Here's a pic:


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  • You are not ugly, you are actually quite pretty! Love yourself first and accept yourself for who you are before you try for a guy, And i would like a girl to approach me, you should just walk up and talk to him. He definitely likes you, don't look away next time stare confidently for at least 5 seconds and smile. (Help me possibly with my question)


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  • No dear u r not ugly just u r amazing black beauty... n and also gorgeous...
    I would like to date u


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  • You are not ugly you are gorgeous, I wish I had your eyes mine aren't all that special but that doesn't mean I'm not beautiful, you are beautiful. Maybe you should try approaching guys first, just because guys don't approach you doesn't mean you are beautiful, there's nothing wrong with you beauty you are gorgeous. Maybe try approaching him and talking to him. Learn to love yourself before you want others to love you. Just be yourself with a guy and talk to him and strike up a conversation with him. Or smile at him and say hello. If he stares at you then he must find you to be absolutely beautiful, then smile back at him.

    • Thank you so much, yes I just need to learn to live myself more. And you're beautiful inside and out. You're lovely, really !

    • Thank you very much that means a lot, and your welcome (: and yes you do (: