Girlfriend doesn't protect me in certain situations?

Well last night we were on xbox and I was in a bad mood because I hate loosing and I kept loosing multiple games. We were in a party and everyone but her was talking shit, she was a little. I was defending myself but starting to get depressed. Then we played a match and I dominated, then one of them said "I bet you would smack my ass and call me daddy" and I was so pissed I couldn't talk and usually she will verbally destroy them but she was just like "He probably would." jokingly, but she knew I was in a bad mood and we already had a fight that day about her friends saying she's the one who dominates the relationship and she was like IM THE DOMINANT ONE and i'm dominant, but she claims she's independent and will never answer to me like she used to answer to people (she used to be way too submissive). It explains a lot of her behavior. She really pisses me off, I just want to forget about this because im she she will be turned off if I get butt-hurt, I wasn't, just mad that she teased me when she knew I was depressed.


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  • Why do guys need to be dominant and overbearing to feel good about themselves. She could've been more sensitive, but the "bitches better do what I say" attitude is a bore. Phony alpha asshats are spreading this notion than real men are walking cocks and it's ridiculous.

    • She needs to chill out too. But don't get all worked up over power and control.

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  • I love my video games as well but its only a game and everyone is being light and annoying, they're not being mean on purpose. Maybe explain to your girlfriend how you feel in a logical way, and about the dominant stuff it got out of hand so just keep it between you and your girlfriend, because that was another trigger.

  • You can't be serious. If you are serious, thats the reason she's not defending you, you're trippin over a video game?

  • Grow the fuck up, and get over yourself. If you're so "dominant" she doesn't need to protect you. I guess she does run the show.

  • Must be nice to get depressed over a video game, when other people are depressed over not having enough money, not enough food, no new winter coats for their kids, etc etc.

    • I wasn't depressed, I already was in a bad mood from my general depression.

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