Should I wait for a comittment while he focuses on his career?

I am so in love with my ex but he has a job now and that is all he his focused on. He hasn't had a job in a really long time and now he is super focused on never being broke again which means to him he has to take all the overtime he can to save money. He says he wants me but he also says he can't make no promises about spending time with me or when we getting back together. I am so disappointed that he just won't make time for me. I don't know weather to wait or start dating?


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  • He is your ex? Not a bf? Why do u treat him like he is together with u? I'm baffled. He needs money. You don't pay him to be with you.

  • honestly, saying your disappointed that he won't make time for you is so inconsiderate.. if he's focusing on not being broke then get away from him. He needs the money to be able to live his life. and having a girlfriend isn't on his priority list. He would have to spend money on you when he can be saving it for things he really needs. and if he were to date you, all you're going to do is bitch at him for not giving you time. find someone else.