Nice girl syndrome? Opinions?

So everyone knows the nice guy syndrome. Do you believe there is nice girl syndrome? I think I have it... :( how to get out of it?


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  • Why do you want to get rid of it?

    Don;t you udnerstand that there is a guy out there who will adore your sweet personality?

    Very few people in this world are actually sweet. So why try and undermine the very thing that makes you so special? Yes, people are going to want to walk all over you. Treat you badly because they are jealous of your heart. But what is that to you? Unless those people are your mates for life, their petty anger means nothing.

    Take care to guard your personality and heart from this cold world. Always listen to your instincts. They are never wrong about people.


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  • Hey, be cool with yourself. (:
    You're sweet.

    Anent the nice girl syndrome, it alike the nice guy syndrome stems from jealousy, envy and bitterness. The only way you get out of it is the day you meet your boyfriend and become attached.

    I used to and still do have the nice guy syndrome to some extent. Lol.

  • everyone? never heard of it till now LOL


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  • Yup, totally get where you're coming from and fully agree on a 'nice girl syndrome' existing just as much as the male equivalent. I used to be and still somewhat like that. Where you're super nice to everyone, bend over backwards to do something that will benefit any guy that you're interested in pursuing as more than a friend and he still ends up choosing the girl who's a straight up bitch to him or just snarky more than once.

    I don't think you can ever truly 'get out of it', but you can learn to use it in a way that will give you more of an advantage. With me, after being seriously hurt by an ex, I swore off guys for almost 2 years. Didn't see a point anymore. Then one day I ran into an old high school classmate, we started going for coffee almost every day as just friends. Of course I was extremely nice to him, which I suppose won him over and led to him developing feelings. I was a bit hesitant and didn't want to wear my heart on my sleeve but he stuck around and we're still together now 9 months later.

    In other words, use it to your advantage by getting to know guys a bit on a platonic level rather than jumping into things from the get-go. Get a feel what they're all about before letting yourself invest feelings. :)

  • WHAT? Since when did it become a bad thing to be nice? Who would wanna be friends with someone who where acting like an asshole?

    I'm a nice girl, and proud of it!!!