He knows it won't work out, but keeps showing interest?

Im Jewish, he's not and thats why it can't work out between us. He now knows that i like him too. He didn't ask me out yet. So why does he keep showing interest? Is there a point to go for coffee just to talk about it?


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  • The heart doesn't work like that for everyone. It's not rational. Some peoples emotions are not always in line with religious beliefs. It seems like a weak reason to me (and maybe him too), but it's not to you and that's what matters. What's obvious to you is still ambiguous to him. He doesn't see the same unsolvable problem you do. I'd only go to coffee with him to drill the point home. From there it's best to have no contact at all. It would just stop him from moving on.


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  • Why can't it work? Are jews not allowed to date non-jews? I'm serious, I don't know about that.

    • Yeah... Tradition, there are mixed couples, but my family keeps the tradition and he knows it.

  • With complete respect for you're faith, I have to ask why it wouldn't really work? I think it's a little too harsh to knock out a large percent of men due to the fact that they don't believe the same as you. An example for my life is my family is extremely military. Several Rangers and even Special Forces guys in. So we value grit and roughness and a 'suck it up or get left behind attitude' however while my Dad was a badass in the Green Berets and a hardass on me growing up, my Mom was the biggest worrier and softhearted person. Polar opposite ideals and lifestyle. I know it's not the same but it's best example I could think of. But as for him liking you, a guy will keep on pursuing unless you flat out and clearly say 'no way' hinting it isn't enough, even if there is a chance in hell a lot of is would go for it if interested.


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