How important is desirability?

How many guys or girls will talk to the opposite sex to see If they're not interested and If they're not, how many of ya will regain interest If you see that this guy or girl is being courted a lot by the opposite sex?

I guess what I'm trying to say is how many of you guys(or girls) are influenced in trying to decide If a girl is worth it by the amount of guys or girls who try to talk to that person you may or may not be interested. How important is desirability?


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  • I basically have been in two long term relationships for the past five years, but during the onset of "off" time that we mutually agreed to, I started dating and this was my first time playing the field. The guy I dated, was extremely good looking and it was obvious (according to his facebook) that he was desired by many other women. Not to mention he went to bars frequently and it could be assumed that he was the target of many drunken women's pursuits. He was handsome. However, this really had me nervous. like the girl below me said it is rather intimidating. It didn't work out because it seemed like he was loosing interest (less calls, less dates i.e.). Regardless of a guy's desirability, low or high, if he looses interest its time to move on.


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  • If I'm not interested in someone, they could have everyone in the world after them and it wouldn't change my mind lol plus more often than not, if a guy has girls flocking to him, chances are his ego is gi-normous and that's a huge turn-off. There's a fine line between confidence and cockiness. One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that he's confident but humble and that's a rare quality nowadays.

  • If I'm not interested, there's nothing that can change my mind. If your popular with the other sex, good for you, but that's not going to change my feelings.

  • In my case, I'd be very intimidated if a guy is being pursued by a lot of girls. I'd feel like my chances are pretty slim because he has so many options so I'd probably not even try. I guess, it's easier when the guy doesn't have a flock of girls after him for many reasons. Even if the guy did choose me over all the girls he could have, who's to say he won't keep them on the side and cheat on me? Maybe I'm insecure, I just don't like it when the guy I like has a lot of girls.

    • That's a good point. However, I wouldn't feel intimidated If a lot of guys talked to a girl that I wasn't into because maybe those guys have low standards and I have high standards. Furthermore, different guys have different types they're into. I trust my own judgment. And If I see a lot of guys talking to a girl I was into at first but not anymore then it wouldn't sway me to regain my interest unless I(not other guys) saw something in her that was worth going back to.

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