How do I tell my parents about my boyfriend?

This is my first relationship and I'm very afraid. I don't know how my parents will react. Any tips or advice?


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  • Eh, hate this. Been there, done that, didn't like it and chances are neither will you. But ya know at some point in your life you're going to have to start growing up, and growing up means doing things even if you're uncomfortable doing them. You're parents are either going to support you right off bat, or make you feel like you're not making the right choice. Regardless of which is to happen, you are going to have to make your own choice. If their reaction is rather negative, especially compared to how you feel-think before you react. In other words, don't react negatively to how they feel, think it out before-show them that you are mature enough to be in a relationship. Build that next level up trust with them. You'll survive either way, and you'll learn from it.


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  • You should have some fun with it. Get them on camera when you tell them about it to record their reactions. You'll be laughing at them later.

  • Let your parents know your interested in a young man and that you two are wanting to pursue a serious relationship with one another and are wanting them to meet him. Ask them if it would be alright to ask him over for dinner to get to know him.


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  • I'm not going to be of much help.

    My parents were informed about my relationship with my boyfriend because I changed my relationship status on Facebook and my cousin who lives down the road sent her husband over to ask about it. It was super awkward.

    • That seems like the best thing to do.

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    • Yup! And when they came to ask me about him I only gave one word answers. We've been together years now and it's still one word answers when they pry. Although now they've started asking about weddings and I don't have an answer for that one :p

  • Mum dad, i got 90% on a test.. And i have a boyfriend! *run away*

    ahahha all jokes aside sweetheart.. Just come out with, dont be beating around the bush.. You will be ok 😏

    • I hope so, lol. XD

    • I think your parents would appreciate it more when you tell them instead of sneaking out and being with your boyfriend.. So they know where you are and who your with, they might ask him to come down to see who your dating because they want to make sure you will be safe around him (i learnt it the hard way) 🙈

    • Yeah, I agree with you.