HELP! I'm meeting my boyfriend's daughter for the first time?

I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 25, we've been dating for six months. He has a 5 year old daughter and tonight i finally asked has he ever introduced her to any of his past girlfriends. He said no and asked if i want to meet her.
I'm extremely anxious about meeting her but I'm a little scared. Although i have experience with kids (i don't have any of my own), I just don't know what to talk to her about.
What should i talk to her about?
Should i tell her that me and her father are dating?
Is there some things i shouldn't discuss?


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  • Dont tell her that your dating. She won't understand the meaning amyway. What to talk about anything, be a friend. Five year olds think everythings funny and will laugh at anything. Make dumb jokes talk about any disney movies. Ask them questions to figure out thier interests. But thats for latter. i will tell u whats going to probably happen. your going to meet her and say hi. She's going to be shy and either say nothing or just a simple hi and not make eye contact. Your going to stand thier blankly and not no what else to say and your boyfriend through the awkwardness should start to have her answer questions he's going to ask her to give you a starting point. He's probably not and shouldn't say your his girlfriend, but just a friend, its usually better for the kid anyway.


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  • Nothing to be worried about at all. And about telling her about you and her dads relationship, I'd see what he wants her to know before saying anything. I'm a babysitter so I know that when it comes to kids at her age, as long as you do crafts or play games or play toys, nothing matters. I get nervous when I first meet a kid I'm gonna start babysitting but I bring some toys and a craft and everything just comes naturally. So trust me, as a person who meets kids all the time, there's nothing much to stress over.

  • She's 5 it's princess Barbies