Was This A Bad Date OR A Good Date?

Well, this is sort of awkward. The last time I went on a date, I was 18. I am currently 23, still a virgin and haven't had my first kiss yet -_-. I asked this girl on a date... well, really just an outing to get to know each other. To make it low pressure, I decided to take her to the bar, play some pool and air hockey so we can talk and get to know each other.

-We played a single game of pool. I sucked and she was really good XD. It was a close game... but she beat me XD!

-We then played a partner game with 2 guys. They destroyed us!

-After this, we took a walk around my college campus (the bars are near campus). We just talked about things we enjoy and shared interests. We talked/walked for about 30 minutes and then we both parted ways.

-I'm not really a good conversationalist and I am kinda shy. Even though we had good convo once in a while, there were also silent parts in between -_-.

Based on this, do you think I did alright with this date? Should I have been more hands on with her (grabbing her waist while we walk)? Should I have tried to kiss her at the end of the date (we just hugged)? What should I do now?


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  • I don't think it went badly at all lol. This just a first date. I'd say ask her out again :) There aren't any signs that she wouldn't like to do it again and there aren't any rules that you have to kiss someone on you first date lol. Next time around you could get a little more touchy feely if it feels appropriate in the moment :)


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  • I think it went alright. It doesn't matter if you had a few silent parts, first dates are always a bit tricky. I don't think you had to be more hands on with her, because that would have been weird if you acted shy first and touched or kissed her next. I think that would have surprised her too much. A hug at the end of the date is good! I think you should text her you had a good time (but keep it short) wait a few days (2,3) and ask her out again. Keep it casual, don't try to go too fast by kissing her if it doesn't feel appropriate. Try to make good eye contact first. Good luck!

  • You the guy, If interested with her then u should call or text her don't let her wait for too long. The first date went not bad, 2nd date try to make more better :)

  • That sounds really cute :)


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