Divorcees have more problems in the dating world?

Would you be hesitant to date a divorcee or does it not matter? If you are hesitant, why?

My ex bf was divorced with no kids and man was there baggage. His divorce was recent but he wasn't honest about how recent or the details because she got him arrested or something. I didn't know all that until it was too late. He could barely afford to sustain himself even though he was highly educated. And he had tons of emotional problems. I can see why his marriage ended as he makes a lousy partner and is the type to just blame the woman and play the innocent card. He also had a lot of unresolved anger and resentment from his divorce and Is in denial about the whole thing. Man that was one mess of a man.

I would not rule out a divorced man but I am young and don't want a much older bf. If I am single after 30 then I would consider it but only if the divorce was done for a while and he had good character and overall stability


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  • I would most definitely be hesitant for a series of reasons. But the quick list is, if I'm thinking of having a long term relationship I know she's the type of person to quit when it gets hard. That's not to say that she wasn't right to leave. But when someone gets divorced once, they are most likely to get divorced a second time or to not be able to sustain a long term relationship. Then there's me having to possibly deal with the ex husband if there were kids. Then there's the common emotional baggage


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  • I think it depends on how the person had dealt with it. I believe I am actually a better man after my divorce, because I have worked hard on improving myself. I have my share of issues, but I had them already. lol At least now I recognize I have these issues, and can try to overcome them.

    • That's s good attitude. My ex blamed his wife and said it's all her fault. I strongly doubt that because I can see strong personality flaws in him that will ruin any relarionship! Yet he failed to admit or work on them. So he will just end up alone

    • That is a red flag I look out for. If someone blames everything on their ex, they aren't being honest with themselves.

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