I have a boyfriend but I like someone else?

My boyfriend and I have been together a little over 2 years. We don't fight, but it seems like I get annoyed with some things that he does. I haven't had any thought or even looked at other guys because I am a very loyal girlfriend. But for some reason I started catching feelings for this guy I work with. I'm 19, my boyfriend is 17 and the other guy is 20. I been wanting to focus on myself and my career. But I don't wanna be with a high schooler. I've only dated guys younger than me but I guess since I'm growing up I want someone grown up as well. If I were to end my relationship I wouldn't hop into a new one. I'm just very confused andy heart feels heavy. I love my boyfriend so much, but I don't think its for to him


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  • When people are around each other all the time they often take the situation for granted. I'm sure there are things he does that annoy you and things you do that annoy him. To build a stronger relationship you should talk to each other about these problems and try to better yourselves. You should be bringing the best out of each other. It's normal to catch feelings for someone else because they seem to have new and great things to offer but often times your forgetting the great things your current partner can/could provide. Just think about it. If the two of you can work through it and make your relationship better, wouldn't that be nice?


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  • Choose men, not boys. Just saying. But coworkers is not the way to go. In case you haven't been down that road, it ends badly. Save yourself the embarrassment and humiliation of dating a coworker then having to change jobs because of the awkwardness that follows

  • I think, you know what u need to do here.. its just not easy when other people and feelings are involved. But life and love are the toughest things we face.
    If this is not working for you, move on and concentrate on you and ur career. Its never easy to end these things, but i has to be done sometimes. This is ur life and u need to do what is best for you.

  • First don't mix business with pleasure. It doesn't matter the age in your case, what matters the maturity. Set your expectations on dating men not boys.

  • Oww you're doing wrong


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