Am I tripping or not? Confused?

Let me get straight to the point I've been dating a girl for the last two months.. everything in the beginning was pretty good.. we text daily.. we been on about 5 outings so far and enjoyed each other company.. but the thing im confused about is all of a sudden the text pretty much slowed down a bit... now I will admit she's a super busy person... she works full time, has a daughter, a dance instructor, and volunteers at her daughter school at times.. so I can understand but I can send a text and won't receive a reply til about a hr or two later.. if that... but if I check on fb she posted a quick comment or likes pics... we was suppose to go to a show last week but she wind up cancelling last minute... I sent her a text asking how does she feel about me and she says that she does like me and thinks im attractive but she can't say if she would want to be with me at this time because of her schedule. .. i understand her reasoning because im not looking for anything serious right now but I do really like her and I let it be known.. my gut feeling is telling me she's trying to let me down easy.. but I wanted to hear you guys perspctive on it... can you help a dude out?


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  • If I was in her shoes I'd have to really think about things between you two. She has a big work schedule, and a kid. Plus you said you're not looking for anything serious even though it seems like you would like her monogamously. Right now she might be overthinking things. Trying to put some space between the two of you. The only reason I could think of why is because she likes you but doesn't know if a) she has enough room for you in her life and b) she doesn't know what your intentions are.

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing we both just got out of long term relationships this year and her ex just up and left her and her daughter for another woman so I can understand that but let me ask you how do you think I should handle the situation because I honestly can see myself with her so I dont think of it monogamously... should I fall back a little and let her plan the next outing or should I see what day she would be free and I plan it?

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    • I respect that... thanks

    • No problem :)


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  • I stopped reading after the first sentence. That says it all. "pretty good"? is not good enough. It doesn't get before than in the beginning.

    • So what are you saying?

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    • aggressive. she needs excitement in her life after a bad breakup! :) good luck

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  • Stop acting like a girl. She doesn't reply for over 2 hours? So fucking what.

    And yes it does sound like she's letting you down easy. She probably doesn't want to be the man in the relationship.