We had a successful date last night, what should I text her this morning?

I met this girl, we went out, had a great time, I kissed her goodnight and said I'd like to go out again. I texted her, I had a great time and nice to meet her.

Today is the next day, what should I text her? Or should I just give her a call?



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  • The day after the date, text her, say you had a great time and it was nice seeing her.

    A day or two later, text her asking how she is, and then try to set up the next date.

    DON'T send tons of messages if she doesn't respond. If you send her a 'hey, how's it going?' and she doesn't respond, don't send anything else. She might be driving or up to her eyeballs at work or having a nap or whatever. If you don't hear for a day or two after that, send her one more and then you should probably accept she isn't interested any more.

    • Should I call and see what she is up to the rest of the week?

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    • Call or text? We exchanged some texts just now

    • Whatever. I tend to text because pretty much every girl I've dated in the last year has too. If you're already texting might as well carry on like that unless you have some burning need to call.


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  • Many of today's text toms are not as on the ball as you in even Initiating a text, especially "After the fact," which Was----Today is the next day. They don't even bother to give a shout Nor a holler unless wanting to carry on or whenever it is most convenient. This makes the One on the other end think they have been long lost and forgotten.
    Go ahead and send another, then another. If she has been "Accepting" these with Replies of no Remorse, Returning each one as you Both go along, even if you don't make any plans right away to meet up, open lines of convo is one the most important factors needed in getting acquainted way in advance so when you do come face to face, it's that More enjoyable and No unnecessary questions asked or over thinking needed.
    Good luck. xx

  • Just a good morning text and question asking about her plans or how her day is going (If it's not super early). I would wait to call until you want to make more plans.

    • Should I call to ask her out again?

  • has she answered you at all? if she has, text her soon. I don't know how late it is for you. if she hasn't answered, give it another day or so.

    • Yes, we've gone a bit back as forth. Her last message was laughing

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    • We got Thursday set up!

    • awesome!! have a blast :D

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  • probably wait a little,

    • wait to call or text? how long? I'd like to see her again soon if possible.

    • there's no time limit.. you texted her the night before, why would you wana do it again in the morning... maybe evening just to ask about her day but thats it.

    • I like her; should I text and call to set up our next date?

  • You shouldn't text or call her at all.
    that was the first date or second date onwards?
    Let her wonder about you.
    Follow with one date per week, until she reaches out for you for more dates.

    • First date. Why play games when I like her?

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    • How far apart should they be? If I don't take her out, someone else will

    • Go ahead. It's your choice.
      But that's my own advice. if you kept invite this girl out (chasing her), you wouldn't know her attraction level exactly from her. You gonna have to hear from her

  • Don't text too fast wait a bit text her at night