She asked me out then gave me the cold shoulder, what do I do?

She asked me out, we went on a date and it went well, hell she even texted me afterwards and we said we should do it again. I tried to text her the day after to arrange something and she didn't reply, I texted the next day and she also said nothing again in response. I'm not gonna text her again but I'm just curious as to why she did this. She texted me for a while after the date (10 mins or so) so I dont think the date was to blame.

My last text she responded to was when she sent me a pic of her at a party and I said "Yeah, I totally agree" I said this because she said it in response to me saying whats up. it was a mistake but I thought she was hinting that she was busy or something.


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  • She could just be playing hard to get, I don't know why girls do this but it's obviously working if you're on here asking why ;)

    Just wait it out a little, don't text her every so often she might start to get a little annoyed with it, just a "hey, how are you" once in a while to let her know you are still interested should keep her...

    But then again you could play the game back and keep quite - she'll start thinking you are losing interest and will surely start texting as normal again! But this is quite a dangerous game to play since she could read that as you not being interested and feeling as though she's now lost you so she will give up!

    • any idea how long I should wait before I contact her again

    • I'd say give it at least 2-3 days, that should be enough to keep her on her toes!


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  • Forget and move on look for someone who would care about you not someone who just playing games around..


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  • You could try calling and speaking to her.

    • I texted her twice with no response which makes me reluctant to call
      And I dont know her class schedule so it'll be hard to see her again

  • Ditch her. If she is interested, she'll contact you again.