If he likes me, why is he dragging his feet?

Okay so I went out on a couple dates with a great guy. He seems terrific and we get along wonderfully. I'm fairly certain there is a mutual connection between us because of some of the things he has said.

However, I don't understand why he isn't being more forward about getting together to spend time hanging out. For instances, today is Thursday and I haven't really talked to him much this week...why hasn't he called to make plans for this weekend?

Why is he dragging his feet even though he likes me?


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  • It could be anyone of the following (or a mix):

    1) He actually doesn't like you that much.

    2) He's busy with life/work/school/etc.

    3) He's going by "rules"... for example: "wait X number of days before calling again" etc

    4) He's not sure how much he likes you so he's trying to figure it out.


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