Does she still love me?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me and we haven't talked in a month till this past weekend. She told me she misses me, thinks about me all the time, worries about me, and always wants to text me but her friends tell her not to. When we hugged we did not want to let go and it felt like we were dating again. She cried the whole time we talked, but i asked her how she feels about me and she said she can't be with me because she can't trust me. Does she still love me? and how do i get her back?

We hung out the past 4 days and we have texted everyday too and we were touchy and flirted and had a great 4 days together. she told me im the only guy she cares about and any other guy means nothing to her. the thing is though her mom called and
she was scared to tell her mom she was with me. She also still cares about what other people think which is driving me crazy. But we agreed to be friends and just take it day by day. Is there anyway I can speed this up?


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  • Did u cheat on her?

    • before we dated i hooked up with somebody else, and i didn't tell her. and i was completely honest with her ever since and once we dated i was completely all about her.

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    • Yes it is definitely. Be optimistic and send positive energy to universe. Luck doesn't come to you if you dont want! Trust me!

    • I hope your right because i know what makes me happy and i have a good feelings about this deep down. I know what love is now and what i want to make me happy. I am going to be positive with her when i text her and i hope your right that good things happen!!


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  • If you somehow do get her back it will never be the same because you broke her trust. It would be very complicated and time consuming to gain trust back. Face reality, learn from your mistake, and move on.

  • Listening to her friends and break up with you because u didn't told her about the past now she is text you missing you? if I was in your place I won't give hope does bunch of sigma girls are so needy and plus they are so damn arrogant, don't make any move till you be sure it's safe...

  • You cannot just switch off love. To me it seems she does still love you however trust is a hard thing to win back in somebody.

    • how would you recommend doing that?

    • @BeInnovative is spot on. Really you did nothing wrong she was being very childish. Take her out for a coffee, if she can't get over what 'happened' then i'm afraid she isn't worth all your effort.

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  • Why exactly can't she trust you? I've read you hooked up with someone prior to dating so whats the deal? you didn't cheat. You didn't lie to her. You just didn't mention your previous sexual encounters.

    • yes me and my ex were hooking up and i hooked up with another girl and just didn't tell her because i felt it didn't have to come out and that i wanted to be with her so i was with her and throughout the whole relationship i was honest and never cheated or anything. she feels she can't trust me because i hid it and that now she doesn't know what else i hid

    • Tell her that you have your own private life too and u dont have to share each detail of your life especially if it ia before her. Of course i dont support that u should hide stuff from her or whatever but still it doesn't make sense how she acts and creates this whole trust drama. I am sure she is 16 and getting opinions blindly from her cheerleader friends.

    • she is getting opinions from her sorority friends which is the problem. I agree that i shouldn't of hid stuff and i never hidanything else n im never going to hide anything else. we are just starting to talk again and she texted me two days ago, would it be ok to talk to her tomorrow? or wait for her to come to me again. My heart says talk tomorrow.