Men, what are the things a women needs to have that attract you?

what makes you go I need to have that girl
and no I do not mean for a one night stand I mean thinking long term dating or marriage what are some qualities you look for? wish for? that you find irresistible
looks, personality, etc.


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  • Personally; appearance can vary, there is no set hair or eye color etc. But definitely more slender, not a stick but still normal bodied. However for me a girls face is very important, it's what shows emotion most and what I look at most, unfortunately people can't really control how that looks.

    Personality: a girl who has a good sense if humor and can make me laugh, she would have to have intelligence too, I could never date someone who was ditsy. Mostly she'd have to be a person who could laugh in hard times and take a relationship seriously,


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  • For physical traits: preferably green or grey eyes, preferably black hair, preferably ponytail, preferably average size, preferably somewhat athletic build, preferably average sized, but shapely tits, preferably trained ass.

    Now for mental traits:
    Preferably smart, preferably open to new experiences, preferably dedicated, preferably socially outgoing, preferably mindful, preferably funny, preferably punctual.

  • well should be good looking ,, nice thinking , well personality. perfect body shape , well however for me girls want a men who take care of her and give her soo much love.

  • no make up or less makeup for a start


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