Would you not date someone cause of where they worked or who they worked for?

I found out this girl I know works for a local construction company that I know the owners of as I meet them a few years ago and though they were idiots. I'd pretty much stay clear of her knowing she had anything to do with them , as they were that bad a bunch of guys and I rarely saw them working , they'd just drive there big trucks around town looking important. there additude towards the women they know was that they were " there women " in the sense. and this guy was just a total idiot and to say he had the intelligence of fred flintstone would of been accurate. I know if they found out I had anything to do with her they'd say bad things about me as they really didn't like me for some reason.


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  • I went to popeyes today and saw the cutest guy working there but I wouldn't date a guy who worked in a restaurant unless he was at least a store manager

  • If it was against my beliefs or my morals I wouldn't.
    Like p*rnstar or stripper.
    Or if their job was gonna get them no where in life.
    Those are my only reasons.

  • Don't steer clear of her, that means your letting others control your love life. No your letting idiots control your love life. Just because someone works for bad people doesn't mean they are bad people. She probably just needs the money, and if this is a way to financially support herself then who cares. It doesn't matter what your doing as Lon as it puts food on the table

    • I don't really know her that well anyways , have talked to her and her gf's at pub before. never done anything with them other than that. the guys she works for are real idiots though , I might still try and talk to her at bar but definity not go anywhere near her work or when she's in work vehicle.

    • That fine, just don't let others ruin your chance of happiness

  • The Only job I would absolutely not like my man working is something military related.

  • As long as he/she doesn't do illegal activities I don't care about profession. Prostitution or p*rn is too risky as I can't get a guarantee on condom use. Male/female stripper doesn't bother me.


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