Will I need to settle?

So I'll just admit it: I'm kinda shallow. I hate it but no matter what I do I can't change it.
Yes personality is important to me but I need to also be attracted to the guy. People tell me I'm a "7/10" as a girl, but I only get hit on by guys I'm absolutely not attracted to. I don't expect a male model obviously but it sucks if I feel absolutely NO attraction to any of them. Plus, I don't like approaching guys anymore because it makes me feel desperate.

I don't know if there is a way to get over looks and accept that I can't be with a cute guy unless I'm a 8+/10 female...


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  • PEOPLE lie... especially females lie to other females about looks. Message me your picture and I'll give you a 100% honest opinion on the 1-10 scale... then you'll know (my opinion at least).
    As for the topic... guys are very much interested in looks first. This changes AFTER they get to know your personality and other things about you. Unfortunately, this isn't good for that first-attraction factor. Women seem to be different in that they are more attracted to a guy's confidence and personality before the looks. Although looks are important, I think the girl will give the guy a chance because everything isn't based on looks up-front.
    Regardless... you should never settle. NEVER. If you settle, you won't be happy. If you aren't happy, you'll always been looking around and wondering... and it'll never work. Or you'll settle and make it work, and the guy you're meant to be with may walk right buy. You just can't settle.
    See what you look like would help me offer a more accurate opinion, but I'm sure you have no REASON to settle. The right guy just hasn't passed by you yet.


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  • don't ever settle bruh, just keep swimming. just keep swimming.

    • But if I don't settle then I'll never be with someone lol

    • yeah like you know that lol. cmon we don't know what the future holds :D but i can tell you this, if you settle you will most likely fucking regret it! you can have what you want. trust me.

  • Dont settle for someone you can't see yourself with. Set aside your self-proclaimed desperation. One thing a lot of problems that are addressed on this site is a lack of Humility. You know you're hot, so why does seeking a relationship with someone you are actually attracted to a sign of desperation? What if you for someone else's criteria? Thats what you need to find, someone to click with. Like its been said before, looks bring you in, personality keeps you. It applies both ways.

    • Yes but I don't know why is it I only get hit on by random creepy men on the street or by guys who aren't attractive *at all*
      I mean that should be saying that those are the only guys I can go for right?

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    • That's what I'm saying lol I feel like I might have to settle because, unlike the other women in my league, I have trouble finding anyone under a "6" attractive

    • You can't help what you're attracted to. And if you try to work with someone you don't even find attractive, when the time comes for being genuine, shits gonna hit the fan.

      Just keep being you and keep trying to make sense of the world. Don't ever settle in mind and body. Jafeels?

  • Sometimes people do have too high of standards. I wouldn't rule it out. It doesn't mean you could *never* get the man you're attracted to, it will just be harder and you'll wait longer.

    • Ouch lol
      Well I wanna see if there's a way to
      Force myself to
      Like the unattractive guy as well

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    • No just someone I find cute, like I said Idc about a make model lmao

    • Depending on how cute that is, it may be an uphill battle. In my experience, really attractive guys actually rarely if *ever* approach random strangers. They don't need to.

  • I think your goal should be 8+ minimum yes.

    • I wish
      8+ guys never give me the time of the day
      The only guys who seem to like me are creepy black men on the streets or random foreign guys

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    • I can't change what I look like without plastic surgery and I'm too poor for that shit lol

  • Looks are overrated!!

    • That's the thing tho
      I can't help who I'm attracted to and the fact that I'll feel resentful if I'm with someone I'm not attracted to

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    • Go ahead and mock me but you know you also have "first world problems" yourself mr moral police

    • Noooe I wasn't mocking you! yeah i do have 'first world problems' too like the other day I was having me some ice cream and boom there's no ice cream in the bottom :(

  • Same problem as a short man


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  • 7/10 isn't bad. but just try to make sure you are well put together, get your body as hot as possible and always stay swagged up (put together stylish) and be flirty and you can get a cute guy. if your a 7 I don't know why you couldn't push yourself to at least an 8 with the right style makeover. being a 7 means your already cute with a good foundation so get hot

    also don't worry about the guys who approach you. and don't approach guys but give sexy smiles to the guys you want and hang out where the cute guys hang out. go to the parties where they go

    • I'm a 7/10 with makeup on hahaha but yeah losing weight might help. But the other problem is that I'm nonwhite and the only guys who hit on me are random creepy old black guys on the street lol

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    • oh... well being a 7 isn't bad. maybe you could get a better haircut and dress a little sexier?

    • Hahaha I do that as well
      I'm not kidding. I never get hit on by anyone cute. Maybe once in my life

  • well, I am shallow too. shallow and picky. I friends with benefits with a world top 50 model and now dating a guy do modeling as a hobby since he is cute and tall enough.
    so all my friends know i am kind of only attracted to super cute guys with hot body. and no one think i am ready to settle.
    well , that not really answer your question but that want you to know there is nothing wrong with it.
    the guy i am dating, he is not interest in female model at all. he thinks they are boring and all looks like the same.
    so no need to under estimate yourself. don't score yourself

    • There's nothing wrong with it, however I'm a 7/10 non white girl. Guys who are cute are 7+ and they only go after 8+ girls. That's what it seems like

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    • Whoa really
      I prob am like in between 6 or 7 I don't know reay somewhere "above average" myself but that's cool that you can date rlly hot guys

    • I think after i dated the top 50 I feel like no one 's body hotter than him. and he is so boring i don't even like him. so whoever i dated after him. i just treat them as regular dude. i mean other girls may turns on when my current date said he also part time modeling. but for me it even a turn off.